Type Aliases

Type aliases for use with type hints [PEP484].

In order to keep class and method signatures readable, the documentation for other Yangson modules uses the names of type aliases unprefixed, i.e. without module names.


alias of builtins.str


alias of builtins.str


alias of builtins.str


alias of builtins.str

yangson.typealiases.ModuleId = typing.Tuple[str, str]

Module identifier: (YangIdentifier, RevisionDate).


alias of builtins.str

yangson.typealiases.QualName = typing.Tuple[str, str]

Qualified name, tuple of name and module name.

yangson.typealiases.RawEntry = typing.Union[bool, int, str, typing.List[NoneType], typing.Dict[str, ForwardRef('RawValue')]]

Raw entry of a leaf-list or list.

yangson.typealiases.RawLeafList = typing.List[typing.Union[bool, int, str, typing.List[NoneType]]]

List of raw scalars.

yangson.typealiases.RawList = typing.List[typing.Dict[str, ForwardRef('RawValue')]]

List of raw objects.

yangson.typealiases.RawMetadataObject = typing.Dict[str, typing.Union[bool, int, str, typing.List[NoneType]]]

Raw metadata object as returned by JSON parser.

yangson.typealiases.RawObject = typing.Dict[str, ForwardRef('RawValue')]

Raw object as returned by JSON parser.

yangson.typealiases.RawScalar = typing.Union[bool, int, str, typing.List[NoneType]]

Raw scalar value as produced by JSON parser.

yangson.typealiases.RawValue = typing.Union[bool, int, str, typing.List[NoneType], typing.Dict[str, ForwardRef('RawValue')], typing.List[typing.Dict[str, ForwardRef('RawValue')]], typing.List[typing.Union[bool, int, str, typing.List[NoneType]]]]

Raw value of any type.


alias of builtins.str


alias of builtins.str

yangson.typealiases.ScalarValue = typing.Union[int, decimal.Decimal, str, typing.Tuple[NoneType]]

Scalar value of an InstanceNode.


alias of builtins.str


alias of builtins.str

yangson.typealiases.SchemaRoute = typing.List[typing.Tuple[str, str]]

Schema route, a list of qualified names of schema nodes.


alias of builtins.str