convert8525 [<options>] <yang_library_8525>

convert8525 -h


convert8525 can be used for translating the JSON representation of YANG library data in the new NMDA-enabled format [RFC8525] to the original format of [RFC7895] that is accepted by Yangson.

yang_library_8525 is the name of the input file with JSON data conforming to [RFC8525].


-h, --help

Show an overview of the command syntax and exit.

-d <datastore>, --datastore <datastore>

Build the output YANG library from the specified datastore. The datastore argument is the key of a datastore list entry in the input YANG library. Note that the namespace qualifier ietf-datastores: has to be removed from the datastore argument. The default is running but it does not apply if the option --schema is used.

-s <schema>, --schema <schema>

Build the output YANG library from the specified schema. The schema argument is the key of a schema list entry in the input YANG library. This option has no default and is mutually exclusive with the :option:--datastore option.

-p <module_path>, --path <module_path>

This option specifies directories to search for revisions 2016-06-21 and 2019-01-04 of the YANG module ietf-yang-library as well as all modules imported by them. The module_path argument is a colon-separated list of directory names. By default, the value of the YANG_MODPATH environment variable is used if this variable exists, otherwise the module path contains only the current directory.

-o <output_file>, --output <output_file>

Write the output YANG library to output_file. Standard output is used if this option isn’t used.

Environment Variables


A colon-separated list of directories that is used as the default module path, see the --path option.

Exit Status




No errors


Input data unavailable or invalid


Nonexistent datastore or schema


Output file cannot be written


Ladislav Lhotka <>